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We proactively consult, design, develop & scale robust web, mobile & custom software solutions, that fuel innovation & deliver digital success! We are one of those crazy ones who believe that the only constant thing is change itself, and we as human beings need our collaborative cognitive abilities to strive. Simply put, we are a team who works for bringing advanced methods and tools for our customers’ satisfaction as we believe that every project is an important milestone in our journey.

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What We Do?


3Majors was started to provide objective, impactful and innovative solutions in three Major dimensions i-e Health, Education, & Technology; hence the name 3Majors. However, the company since then has grown a lot and has done projects outside these three dimensions too.

Mobile App Development

With the expertise available at 3Majors, the highly skilled and enthusiastic mobile apps developers can help and guide you to create, design, and structure a market-competitive app as quickly as required. Try us for your mobile app development company and not be disappointed!

Web Develpoment

Our team does not rest, the energetic team can help you develop what you desire. They can create a simple single static page or complex web applications development. Whatever your business requires; 3Majors will provide that.

UI/UX Design

This world revolves around technology, we help your business flourish a little more with the help of art and technology – we create an innovative user experience to attract and engage your users YOUR WAY!

3Major’s work is outstanding, and their project management is excellent. They’re also timely and easy to work with. Additionally, their team works cohesively, and they deliver what they promise.

Mark Lee, Blue Tech

3major’s work has met all of the client’s expectations. They’ve delivered a highly functional app that has received great feedback from the internal team. The team works professionally, complies with deadlines, and communicates constantly to improve the final product.

Nimat Khan, Good Vision

3majors executed a solution that’s far better than the one it’s replacing. They delivered on their promise to create a user-friendly, hassle-free platform. The team patiently guided the client through unfamiliar processes. They were organized, knowledgeable, and diligent in their final delivery.



Some highlights of our favourite projects that we are offering and have done as a company

TeleHealth Solution

We Developed the Good Vision Healthcare App

Good Vision is a technology company that is bringing the miracle of clear vision back for people with vision impairments and legal blindness. By combining the most advanced mobile virtual reality (VR) technology with cutting-edge medical research, Good Vision lets people who suffer from vision impairment see their loved ones’ faces and function independently again. Good Vision was looking for a mobile application partner to create the software that powers the Good Vision device. Based on 3Majors’ quick grasp of the project requirements and impressive portfolio, Good Vision decided to hire 3Majors. The challenge? To create an intuitive mobile application that allows Good Vision life-changing adaptive technology to be used daily by users with varying levels of technical sophistication.


Taking population genomics a step further.

Medical genomics company working with public and private stakeholders in Pakistan to introduce and expand the use of population genomics in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of hereditary and non-hereditary diseases. Through advance genomics we are committed towards building a genome library that would give new insights about the known and unknown variants in the South-Asian gene pool.


Delivering right information at the right time and place to the audience.

ILOOPP is an initiative to create a dedicated digital medium or a network of digital displays in dedicated public environments to convey relevant information in a contextual setting. In this project digital screens will be installed at different institutions and will display relevant public awareness messages along with other useful information. The digital screens will update this information and messages routinely from an online server. Depending on the location of the digital screen installed, relevant information will be shown to relevant audience.

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